Across the industry, there is a shortage of stimulating and compelling conversations that both inspire and fuel new thinking for the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and executive team.cropped-large.png

The CIO In The Know podcast is determined to change that.

The CIO In The Know is a 30 minute podcast focused on this transformation. Geared toward a strategic audience, the podcast takes on a markedly different spin. Guests on the podcast include CIOs and fellow executives that bring a fresh perspective to the conversation. Discussions are both provocative and pragmatic while focusing on the intersection of business and technology. The objective is to provide inspiration and fuel new thinking for the CIO and executive team as they look to transform their business.LogoColorTextBelow

The CIO In The Know podcast is hosted by Tim Crawford and a production of AVOA. For more information on AVOA, visit http://avoa.com/.

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